Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Easter

Both Mike and Tiff would like to wish all our current and future readers a Happy Easter. The 4 day weekend (for us lucky few) is a great time to spend with family and loved ones which is exactly what we are doing (minus this quick update).

Hopefully you will recover from your work week and go in next week feeling refreshed and ready to accomplish everything incoming during next week.


Winning “spirit of the open” at my Crossfit box

The open started on the 23rd of Feb and finished on the 27th of March. It was a gruelling 5 weeks, but I had the time of my life competing and loved every second of it. The community was incredible and every time you saw someone struggle, you would all gather and help them push to their absolute limits.

I was one of those struggling guys, I went in and RX’d all but one WOD (17.3) because I could carry out the movements and the weights (even if they were a little on the heavy side). If I knew at least one movement and the weight was doable then I felt like it was worth shooting for the stars and going RX.

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  1. Chaos xd – Her posts are deep and her art is amazing. She has great passion in what she does and she loves chatting to her followers.
  2. Hidden Fox self-help – An amazing and very in depth self-help blog. All their posts are uplifting and enjoyable.
  3. Mindfump – A bright and colourful blog which offer a lot of insight and help for everyone.
  4. Rishma Reji – Another positive thinking blog who is posts enjoyable content.
  5. I give you Morpheus – Posts about being in a dream world which are amazing and very vivid.
  6. Couple of Welness and Happiness – Hasn’t posted much (so give him some positive reinforcement). The posts he has created are very positive and I look forward to reading more.
  7. Fitness Grad – She posts about her workouts and struggles with working out. She has also posted many reviews on certain products and talks about healthy eating habits.
  8. It’s a cats life – A blog about gorgeous cats! What more could you ask for?
  9. An Orchid’s View – She posts about her life, but in a very positive way. You can’t help but like her.
  10. The Anonymous Girl – Another self-help/positive thinking blog (Mike loves them). Generally very helpful posts to keep you going.

This is our first round of #FollowFriday and we will try to do it every week. The amount of followers each week will vary, but as we have followed a lot of creators on our first week, we felt that 10 was a good starting point.

If you would like to join in, then give us a follow and start a conversation with us. We love a good chat and would love to hear from you. If you would like to recommend someone in the future, then please leave a comment below and we’ll check them out.

Also, if you followed someone in the list, let us know who and why. It’s always great supporting others!

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How AI encouraged us to save money with confidence

Introducing plum*…

* This is a referral link, please sign up if you like what you read to help support us.

As a couple, we really struggle to save. We have opened up so many savings accounts with the goal of each putting in £50 a month and then at the end of each month almost nothing will get put in. This has been a cycle for a very long time and at the end of each year, we have been gradually earning higher salaries, but our savings has always been the same.

It’s frustrating, because we want to save money for a deposit on a mortgage for a house, clear our current debts and save for a wedding. None of this in the 8 years of being together has happened. Together, we still have £0 saved up by ourselves and we have become tired of this.

Enter a Facebook messaging bot called Plum*, it’s a machine learning, artificial intelligence machine. It hooks into your bank account reading only the numbers of what comes in and what goes out, as well as when this happens. Once it gathers this information, it will learn when the best time to take money out and when for your savings.

It then keeps it safe in a Barclays held account which isn’t connected with Plum, this means that if anything happens to the company (administration / liquidation) then your money is safe and you can get it back into your account when requested.

We have been using it for 3 months and together, we have saved up almost £70 which is just fantastic. This is more than we could ever get ourselves to save and we can literally leave him to do the work for us, every so often we can just drop in and ask about our savings and goals.

Introduction to Mike and Tiff

We wanted to make this blog, because we have been through a lot of ups and downs together and would love to share our experiences to you guys out there. We have known each other for 9 years and have been together for almost 8 (and engaged for 4).

Through the years, we have been through a lot of arguments like plenty of couples out there, to the point of almost splitting, but we always realise our mistakes and help each other mend or improve them.

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Beautiful holiday to make us happy

We have been slogging away for way too long and decided a week away from the daily grind is just what we needed. We both work full time for 40 hours a week and Tiff has just finished her 6 month trial at her new workplace. Mike is continuously bouncing from pillar to post and is coming up to his 3rd month at his place of work. He still has 3 more months to go before finding out if he completes trial, but always has doubts due to being made redundant so many times before (read here if interested).

In the 7 years of being together, we have never taken a holiday away for longer than a weekend and we really needed this to change. We decided to head to Basingstoke to see Tiff’s family and stay her best friend (my good friend) Ben and his lovely partner Lewis.

On our first full day, we travelled to Camden in London and had halloumi chips (beautiful) and an honest burger (joyous). Afterwards, we made haste into the London Underground to get to the London Eye. I had to make an Indiana Jones entrance onto our train and it gave me a good adrenaline pump. See photos below for our journey and views of the streets of London.

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