About Mike

As you can probably guess, my name is Michael (aka Mike). I am the instigator of this Blog and feel that my Fiance and I can bring a bit of happiness to everyone’s day to day life. I hope that by having you guys read our posts, it will give you insight into our daily challenges and how we manage to overcome them.

I am a Web Developer who has my own personal website and loves what I do. I work for a company called Lightfoot who are amazing and are trying to conquer the many challenges of driving such as; fuel consumption, safe drivers and saving money on fuel.

I have been with my fiance Tiff for almost 8 years and have been engaged to her for 4. We spend a lot of time together when not working full time and love each other’s company very much.

When I’m not working, I spend an hour each day for 5 days doing Crossfit. Crossfit is a great sport and I love every new challenge it brings. I recently competed in the open, but came no where near being at the top. I really enjoyed competing and finding out just how fit I really am and where I can improve.



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