It’s less than 1 week until my charity CrossFit “WODathon”

And I am super excited, but super nervous. It will be my first event outside of my local CrossFit box (minus the RockSolid race) and it will be the biggest event I have ever attended. I try to attend my box 5 times a week, but at the end of each WOD, I’m practically dying so who knows what I will be like when doing 24 workouts within the space of 24 hours.

I guess the upside is, I can choose the weights and scale as needed unlike the Open which only allows for this if you decide not to RX (which I attempted on all but 1 WOD). I guess the scariest part of this “Wodathon” is that I don’t even know what the workouts are and won’t know until the day of the event.

At any rate, I actually can’t wait to try my best and just see how it goes. Like Craig Richey says…

Just enjoy it


We never quit

Which we sure do not. 😀

Wish me luck and if you are interested in the event, be sure to check out the JustGiving charity page and if you would like to donate, please add my name so they know you’re supporting me. Cheers all.

P.S. I will be trying my absolute best to broadcast the event live and will definitely be filming it and putting it onto YouTube (link to coming soon).

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