24 workouts in 24 hours — Help me raise money for The African Maternity Link

I am taking part in what seems like my craziest event yet! I am excited and will be looking forward to taking part and supporting an incredible charity. It’s a Crossfit event being held at CrossFit Cheltenham and it’s 1 workout on the hour, every hour for a total time of 24 hours and 24 workouts. I am aiming to take part in the full 24 hours (wish me luck) and will hopefully be live streaming it on Periscope and Twitter, you can follow me if you would like to watch.You can support me by following this link to donate. Or if you are looking to go shopping, but can’t afford to donate, then you can have a percentage of your online spending go towards the donations through GoRaise.

This event will be starting on Saturday the 1st of July at 12pm until Sunday the 2nd of July at 12pm (GMT). If you would also like to take part or go to the event and spectate, then you are more than welcome to (the more the merrier), just be sure to bring a sleeping bag and plenty of food. Contact details are supplied on the featured image and they are looking forward to seeing more people turn up.

If you could also help out by sharing this post to friends and family, then I would be grateful. You can also re-post if you’re using WordPress and Like/Comment to show your support.

Thank you.


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