How to manage your mind like a boss

Find out how to manage your mind like a boss using the resources and information below…

Read as much as possible

When learning to manage your mind like a boss, you need books on experts who have already researched the information and give insightful details on how your mind works and how to control it properly.

Take The Chimp Paradox (US) (UK) for instance, it says that our mind is constantly in control by a primal chimp. Whenever we have fear or anxiety of things to come, our chimp (if not dealt correctly) will take the lead and get us to move away from the potential threat. Our chimp is very primitive and will instigate the fight, flight or freeze (FFF) response and unless we can control this behaviour, we will always be controlled and our lives will never be fulfilled.

When I was going through some major anxiety and being sick almost every night, I knew something needed to change, and that change was with how I thought about things. I had been calling the anxiety and depression helpline and they helped me with my breathing and how I needed to think positively and take positive action. They could only really tell me so much, and when I purchased The Chimp Paradox (US) (UK), this is when my mind completely changed for the better.

It taught me who should be in control and what to do when I wasn’t. It also taught me to never fight the chimp as it will always win, instead I had to find ways of tricking it through treats and surprise, this has worked surprisingly well and my friends and family can see a huge difference in me and my confidence.

Another book I read and believe is truly helpful is called Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins (US) (UK). This book helps you manage your mind in more ways than you could believe is possible. This book partnered with The Chimp Paradox (US) (UK) can be an incredible set of tools for getting your mind on track and help you live a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins (US) (UK) gets you to put your mind in a certain state to help you overcome fears, dislikes and hates and make you believe you enjoy and love whatever it is that has kept you from moving forward with your life. It can help you love food you hate, make losing weight feel like an achievement rather than a task and head into something you have feared all your life, but have wanted to do because it would make you a better person.

Anthony Robbins (US) (UK) is a great publicist and public speaker and I recommend you check out his content and books, and see what others think of him. If this doesn’t float your boat, then you should check out Tim Ferriss (US) (UK), his book Tools of Titans (US) (UK) is quite literally worth it’s weight in gold and at such a good price too. He talks to all the experts in pretty much every professional field going to get their advice which you can either follow, or move on to the next professional. The book talks about, health and fitness, wealth and a whole host of other life lessons/topics, it truly is a remarkable book. Tim Ferriss also has a blog where he interviews professionals in his podcasts (such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anthony Robbins, Casey Neistat, etc) and are also definitely worth a listen.

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Always learn from others

By this, I mean that you should be open to new suggestions and feedback. You should always try to explore every avenue and look for people who can help you get to where you want to be. Check YouTube and follow inspirational characters, check other Blogs and find people you can subscribe to.

You need people to look up to in life, no matter how much you deny this to yourself, it is of up most importance and something you should do daily. Have a weekly or monthly review of the people you are following too, are they still relevant to your goals? Have they changed their path and it’s not where you want to be lead? If this is the case, then drop them and find new people to replace them.

We should be thriving for constant change in life and this is definitely a great way to go about it. Even if this is the only thing you ever do, it could lead to your most important decisions in life and could help you strive to become a better person and have a better lifestyle.

For example, I love Crossfit and would love to become a stronger and better athlete. In order to achieve this, I have found two great YouTubers who have achieved a lot in their life already Craig Richey and Obese To Beast are fantastic human beings, each with their own life missions. One is an ex-weight lifter who is now a fantastic Crossfitter and showcases his journey through YouTube. The other used to be obese and has now become this incredible Crossfitter and just loves his life and what he has achieved.

These are just two people who I love and share the same passion and goals as them. Your goals, passion and life missions will be different and you will need to find your own models to look up to.

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Give yourself better nutrition

Of course nutrition is good for all parts of your body, including digestion and muscles, but it is also a great source of energy for your mind. We chose to follow Joe Wicks’ (US) (UK) way of healthy eating (not to be confused with diets). If you want to lose weight, then you should have 3 low carb meals on a non-workout day with foods that contain good fats like nuts, avocados etc and not bad fats such as cheeses and butters. When working out you should have 1 high carb and 2 low carb meals. You carry this on until you get to the weight you are after, then when you want to maintain the weight, but gain muscle you should have 3 low carb meals on a non-workout day and 2 high carb meals on a workout day.

Of course, you should find a meal plan that works for you, but you can get a good idea of the basics to eating good, healthy hearty meals that will keep your body ticking over and will give your mind plenty of energy.

Find a sport you love

They say that diet and nutrition is 90% of what your mind and body needs to be properly fuelled. The other 10% should be sports. There are literally thousands of sports and exercises that anyone can do. What you need to do if try as many as you can and find the sport that fits you.

If you find a sport you love, then it will never feel like exercising. For example, I love Crossfit and Swimming, my fiancé loves trampolining and pole fitness. Others find they love football, running, cycling, HIITS… This list could go on forever, but you get the idea.

Find something you absolutely enjoy and you will enjoy going and look forward to attending every time. Also remember that it’s okay to have bad days and miss a couple of sessions, as long as you can pick yourself up from where you left off, you know you have found the sport that’s right for you.

Learn how to discipline your mind

The Chimp Paradox (US) (UK) and Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins (US) (UK) will honestly help you out so much with disciplining your mind. There’s also Reddit’s Subreddit called /r/getdisciplined which can help a whole bunch.

The general outline for this is to record when your mind goes off into it’s own world and find ways or habits to counteract this. Your mind is constantly trying to wonder and go off into it’s own tangent and it’s your responsibility to train your mind and ensure it stays on track.

Give yourself clear and precise goals each year to give your mind a clear journey

I’ll leave this quote by the infamous Arnold Schwarzenegger who will help you understand how he became so confident in himself and what led him to having a clear vision.

My confidence came from my vision. Because I’m always a big believer that if you have a very clear vision of where you wanna go, then the rest of it is much easier, because you always know why you’re training five hours a day, you’ll always know why you’re pushing and going through the pain barrier, and why you have to eat more, and why you have to struggle more, why you have to be more disciplined. And all of those things become much more clear. It’s not like: — Oh my god! I have to do another two hundred sit-ups, it’s more like: — I can’t wait to do another two hundred sit-ups, because that will get me one step closer to have the abs that I need to win that Mr. Universe. That’s my goal. I see myself on that stage, winning the competition, I see myself very clearly getting the trophy, standing there with the trophy, raising it above my head and having hundreds of bodybuilders around me, kind of below me on stage, looking up and idolising me, including the thousands of people that are watching the event. So that was always my clear vision, and that always inspired me to go all out[…]. There was this will there, that no matter what it takes, even if I had to crown to Germany, I would be there at that event, because that was my shot […] and I felt that I could win it, and that’s what I was there for: I wasn’t there to compete, I was there to win.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

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