1. Life as Lois May – She offers insight into her life and posts about a range of topics. Check her out and follow her.
  2. Alexis Chateau – Alexis has a lot of adventure and will often blog about them. Her photography is intriguing and her posts offer a great insight into her life.
  3. My Journey 29 – She has amazing images on each of her posts and each of them are also very informative and interesting, mainly giving us an insight into her life. Give her Blog a read and follow if you enjoy.
  4. Live.Lift.Code – Nick talks about fitness, coding and more in general. He has an interesting Blog and you should definitely check him out.
  5. Big Small Home – Learn tips and techniques about small home living and how it will improve your life. A very interesting read and something which could all probably strive for.

We hope you enjoyed the second episode of #FollowFriday. If you have any suggestions on who people should also check out, then please feel free to leave a comment.

If you enjoyed this post, then we would appreciate any likes and shares.


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