Winning “spirit of the open” at my Crossfit box

The open started on the 23rd of Feb and finished on the 27th of March. It was a gruelling 5 weeks, but I had the time of my life competing and loved every second of it. The community was incredible and every time you saw someone struggle, you would all gather and help them push to their absolute limits.

I was one of those struggling guys, I went in and RX’d all but one WOD (17.3) because I could carry out the movements and the weights (even if they were a little on the heavy side). If I knew at least one movement and the weight was doable then I felt like it was worth shooting for the stars and going RX.

I loved listening to the roar of the members who all helped me fight through the reps and it really did help me push myself to my fullest potential. Watch me as I struggle through the 22.5kg weighted dumbbell lunges (I hated the dumbbells).

To end this post off, I am glad, but at the same time sad to see this years open go. I will be looking forward to next years and hope I can complete a lot more rounds as RX. I loved watching every single competitor battle through it and trying their outright best to get as many reps in and even completing some of the workouts. I loved listening to the cheers and positive feedback from everyone.

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If you made it this far, then well done on reading a very long post. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you also enjoyed the open, please let me know. What were your good points and your bad? Would love to hear all your stories!


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