Why doesn’t anyone make a proper cuppa nowadays?

Where I work, no one seems to have grasped the concept of making a proper brew. They seem to think that you can simply dunk the tea bag in and swish it around for a few seconds, get the bag out and then add a huge dollop of milk. NO, this is simply not how it is done around here.

This is the main reason I choose to have coffee instead of tea whilst at my place of work, due to the utter negligence of making a decent cuppa. You see, instant coffee is a lot simpler, you just dump a teaspoon of coffee into hot water and stir until dissolved, then add milk. This same motion just isn’t what is needed with a tea. Also, amount of milk is very particular from person to person and requires a colour chart in order to get the right shade of brown.

Here are some tips for people out there looking to sharpen their tea expertise…

Firstly, you must empty any pre-boiled water from the kettle and replace it with fresh water straight from the tap. The reason behind this, is because fresh water carries more oxygen which is needed to help your tea brew nicely.

Secondly, you need your mug and tea bag placed inside. Once the kettle has boiled, simply pour your hot water into your mug up to the level of your liking and leave to brew. I recommend taking the teaspoon out to give the bag room to swirl around. (Optimum time for brewing is between 3 – 5 minutes). If you are making tea for someone else, be sure to ask how much milk they need. Too little and it can be strong for those who are not adverse to tea drinking. Too much and you could spoil the tea for that expert tea drinker and they will never ask of this favour again.

Sometimes, you may need a colour chart in order to get the quantities right. I have attached said colour chart below for your viewing pleasure. Always be sure to double check with your drinking partner whether or not it’s exactly to their taste, fail this and you may lose a very good friend (or many depending on if they spread the terrible news).


In my eyes, the wishy washy colour of “Skimmed Alive”, “Brew Ha Ha” and “Colonel Mustard” are simply a no no. The look of “Nigerian Sunset” and “Iron Brew” would be more to my personal liking. (No sugar for me either, I’m sweet enough).

What’s your personal preference? Have you ever been unfriended because your skills simply weren’t on par? Let us know in the comments.

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4 Replies to “Why doesn’t anyone make a proper cuppa nowadays?”

  1. I enjoy my tea pretty lite. Probably the way you referenced at the beginning of your post. I have definitely lost some cool points for drinking, what they said, was slightly brown water. Lol

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