Introduction to the rest of our family

You can learn more about the rest of our family. We currently have 5 cats which we consider our babies. Yes, we are crazy cat people!


Holly is Mike’s favourite cat (don’t let the others find out) and she loves nothing more than spending her day cuddled up with him. When Mike is asleep, she will either sleep on top of his head (like a hat) or curl up on top of his arm if it’s stretched out to the side.

She also loves exploring and one of her favourite past times is to sit in any cardboard box she finds and often sleeps in there. She also loves going to the bathroom and drinking water from the sink as well as sitting on or in the bath tub.

She’s a little ditsy, but is very clever and inquisitive. Unlike other cats, she loves a good belly rub and will sometimes surprise you with a quick grab and a bite (in a very playful way).


Gracie-May is Holly’s biological sister and have lived together ever since birth. She has similar traits such as enjoying the occasional belly rub, but she is a little more reserved and has been known to have random bursts of all out craziness. She loves coming into the kitchen and asking for treats (especially loves dreamies).

She loves sleeping on her cat tree and will fight anyone who tries to take it from her. She also loves Squiggle and will snuggle up to him from time to time, but they also occasionally fight and bicker and she will forgive him the next day.


Squiggle is an ex-farmers cat which means he was born feral. Tiff would have to wrap him up in blankets as a kitten and would force cuddles and strokes whilst he would make little kitten hissing sounds.

He is now a much more cuddly cat and although he does have tendencies to get carried away with biting and scratching, he has never harmed us. He now loves a good snuggle and a play.

He is also a ladies cat and loves both Holly and Gracie. He will snuggle and clean them both when he gets the chance, but he also like to play chase and because of his feral background, he can sometimes forget when it’s time to stop.


Yogi-Bear has always been shy and will only every say hello when he’s ready. He has to come say hello to you before you can start going up to him and even then, he can still be startled. He used to run away from Mike’s deep voice which had always been funny, he’s now used to it and will come up to say hello to him too.

He loves his mum (Missy) very much and can be very clingy a lot of time. Sometimes so clingy that his mum will have to bat him off and he’ll run away and do his own thing until she has forgiven him.

He’s a very handsome ginger, but has quite a few problems with his joints. When he jumps from place to place, you can sometimes hear his hip pop back into place. And even though it sounds painful, I don’t think it’s causing him any harm.

He has a strange love of coffee and will drink from your mug when not looking.


Missy has a very similar personality to her son, but can be easily agitated by the other cats. If she has had enough, she will bat them until they walk away which can often lead to some very funny reactions from the others.

She is another cat which has to come to you, if you go to her she will either run away or just not let you stroke her. If you try, she will push her body to the floor and walk away. She is exactly like the cat in the below image.

She is the only one of our cats to love crisps, she won’t eat any other human food (including steak, ham, chicken etc).


I hope you enjoyed this post about our 5 cats (I think we may have a problem). If you did, please like, follow and leave a comment below. If you have any questions, or would like any more information, then please feel free to ask.


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