Introduction to Mike and Tiff

We wanted to make this blog, because we have been through a lot of ups and downs together and would love to share our experiences to you guys out there. We have known each other for 9 years and have been together for almost 8 (and engaged for 4).

Through the years, we have been through a lot of arguments like plenty of couples out there, to the point of almost splitting, but we always realise our mistakes and help each other mend or improve them.

Mike has suffered from mild anxieties for over 3 years and has been trying very hard to deal with his issue. He has seen a doc and has had advice as well as a someone to talk to. He has found that listening to Chillstep and trying to just focus on work has helped him an awful lot. He also enjoys Crossfit and recently competed in the open. He did his best and won himself a “Spirit of the open award” given to him from his local Crossfit box.


Tiff recently been diagnosed with depression due to events from a previous workplace, but she is now dealing with it with advice and medication from the doctors. She has found a liking to pole fitness which she aims to attend at least once a week.

Both of us like to keep fit and eat healthy, Mike is looking to gain muscle whilst Tiff is trying to slim down.

We decided to create this blog to give our potential readers a window into what it’s like in our every day lives. We are just two completely normal people with goals in life. Mike has come from a lower class family, whilst Tiff has come from a middle class family.

What we have currently achieved so far in our lives is completely down to us and our goal is to live comfortable lives with a house and a loving family (including our cats).

We will be writing more posts soon which reveals more, but if you enjoyed this one, please like, share, comment and follow.


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