Beautiful holiday to make us happy

We have been slogging away for way too long and decided a week away from the daily grind is just what we needed. We both work full time for 40 hours a week and Tiff has just finished her 6 month trial at her new workplace. Mike is continuously bouncing from pillar to post and is coming up to his 3rd month at his place of work. He still has 3 more months to go before finding out if he completes trial, but always has doubts due to being made redundant so many times before (read here if interested).

In the 7 years of being together, we have never taken a holiday away for longer than a weekend and we really needed this to change. We decided to head to Basingstoke to see Tiff’s family and stay her best friend (my good friend) Ben and his lovely partner Lewis.

On our first full day, we travelled to Camden in London and had halloumi chips (beautiful) and an honest burger (joyous). Afterwards, we made haste into the London Underground to get to the London Eye. I had to make an Indiana Jones entrance onto our train and it gave me a good adrenaline pump. See photos below for our journey and views of the streets of London.

We then had a few days walking around Basingstoke town and doing a little shopping. A day or two later, Tiff decides that she wants to go Bingo as she has never been, Mike had never gone either and thought it could be an interesting experience. We went to Gala Bingo in Basingstoke and grabbed our free tickets plus purchased a few dabbers for marking purposes. Despite the face we won jack all, it was actually pretty fun even though the half time wait was pretty long.

Now, the part we had been waiting on all week (it was booked way in advanced) was our amazing wall climb in Alton. Our instructor was pretty awesome and we had one person stood with one end of the rope whilst the other climbed and afterwards we would switch (see photos). Then near the end, we used a machine which was our support, then when we reached the top, we had to count to 3 and starfish jump away from the wall. It was a scary experience, because you don’t want to trust a machine to bring you down safely, but we all did it and it was super fun. Wall climbs are definitely 100% recommended from us.

Lastly, and to top our final day off at Alton, we went to Vue Cinema and watched Ghost in the Shell in 3D. It was truly spectacular.


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